A great sense of solidity

Cotto de’ Calanchi

This cotto has a different look thanks to its colour, surface and solidity. An ancient flavour transpires from its varying shades of warm, luminous pink.

A cotto inspired by the handmade production with which it has a lot in common but for which it represents an alternative. The uneven and wavy surface, surprisingly pleasant to the touch, has an irregular yet repetitive pattern. The weight is another winning feature. No wonder the “Cotto de’ Calanchi” expresses a great sense of solidity: cotto to last forever.

Full tile double
15 x 30
Full strip quadruple
7,5 x 30
Sestino piazza double
29,5 x 7 x 4
Pianella Victoria
15 x 30
Antico Fienile
24 x 27 x 13,5