The versatility of our Cotto

Cotto Keramos

Keramos is the latest realization of Pratigliolmi, where the characteristics of the cotto and practicality can finally live together.

“The cotto Keramos” received a special surface treatment with enamels making it waterproof, yet also suitable to be placed outside; it fully complies with all European standardswhile keeping the warmth and tone of Florentine terracotta. To get a complete waterproofing and then a total impediment to the formation of spots, it is possible after laying, lay inside, a common maintenance wax or a product suitable for outdoor use (also available in our company).

Split 15 x 30
Split 25 x 25
Split step tread with glue
25 x 35
Step treat corner
35 x 35
30 x 15
Skirting for step treads
30 x 9
Toro handrail
length 30 cm