The simplicity of peasant culture

Cotto Tipico Toscano

This is the cotto that has always been used in the farmhouses of Tuscany.

With its even surface and salmon red hue, this is the material of the old wood kilns. A proposal that takes us back to a peasant-style Tuscany, little-known until recently, which is attracting great attention today thanks to the rediscovery of values surrounding nature. The low cost of this material is a result of the simplicity of its production process, which, as already mentioned, is reminiscent of the more genuinetradition of the ancient kilns.

Split 15 x 30 a spacco
Split 25 x 25
Split 30 x 30
Split 6 x 24
Step tread with glue
25 x 35
Step tread corner
35 x 35
Step tread corner
35 x 35
Skirting for step treads
30 x 9 in pallet
30 x 15 in pallet
25 x 25 Ø 9,5
25 x 6 x 2,5
Frangisole Stella
30 x 15
Frangisole Moresco
27 x 17
Antico Fienile
24 x 27 x 13,5
length 30 cm
Toro handrail
length 30 cm
End-piece for Toro handrail
length 30 cm