The Cotto and the Ecological Trilogy

Earth, water and fire

Due to being closely linked to the evolution of our civilization, cotto is a material that manages to maintainan ongoing rapport with the architectural solutions of every age. Cotto, which can also be defined as absolute simplicity, clay, water and fire, thusbecomes an archetype and a fixed reference point for building and roofing. Early Etruscan and buildings roman handmade articles, followed by renaissance and contemporary objects, all testify to the fact that cotto lasts a lifetime and is always popular.

All testify to the fact that cotto lasts a lifetime and is always popular

Moreover, cotto possesses virtue only shared with a few good wines: it improves with age. Its colour, surface and tonality are enhanced over the years, making it an indissoluble element for creating a homogeneous, harmonic, and pleasant-to-live-inatmosphere in the home.

As well as their most well-know productions, like ground and handmade cotto, Pratigliolmi Cotto have been involved in the search for new interpretations. In their study for something new, they have delved back into the past, opening the way to perfecting a range of different solutions, all rich in personality and significance. This desire to offer something new while still respecting the old cotto tradition, has allowed Pratigliolmi to diversify their offer with five amazing typologies. Their research and commitment, combined with new plants and technologies, have thus produced a result that can be proudly defined as a giant step forward in the splendid world of cotto.